ESSENTIALS a Non-profit, Non-partisan and Non-Governmental, Humanitarian, Emergency and Development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrate and locally driven solutions.

Our Vision

ESSENTIALS envisions a world in which, those in most need: individuals, families and communities have the opportunity to reach their highest potential;


To be the foremost partner and provider in improving lives by advancing integrated and locally sustainable driven solutions for humanitarian response and human development in lasting ways.


Reaching people.... Enriching lives......Every life counts


Our values

  • Accountability for our work, measuring, reporting and continually improving all that we do.
  • Innovation to meet the evolving needs of our beneficiaries, funders and partners.
  • Mutual respect for diversity and cultural differences.
  • Passion driven by a personal commitment to make a positive difference.
  • Commitment to excellence assured by the highest ethical, quality, operational performance and scientific standards.
  • Teamwork across disciplines and geographies, within the organization and with our partners.